My First Spiritual Teacher,

I had the same Girl Friend in HS from 9th grade on. It was the best learning experience, in a way, better than anything taught in HS, because it was a learning experience taught directly by the Creator. She was my first spiritual teacher, although she didn’t know it, and I barely knew it.

Allow me to explain:

We were about 15 when it happened the first time. We would walk to her home after school, and listen to music LP’s on her record player. Eventually, we would spend some time fooling around on her bed, just lying together and kissing, still in our school clothes. She wouldn’t let me touch her breasts or below the waist.

Usually, her mother was in the kitchen, making supper, so we had to be careful about noises. It had to sound like we were just listening to music. I liked to lie on her with one leg between her legs, so I could feel her pubic bone pressing into my thigh. That was a turn-on.

more later…


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