Everything is one

The world we live in used to be the “Garden of Eden”. The “Garden of Eden” was an enlightened world. Everyone experienced Oneness/enlightenment. That world of Oneness came to an end, as all things do. A new and opposite direction for mankind followed. It was a world of “two-ness”. A world of “separateness”. A world of division, analysis, science. In the Bible, this new world was a world where mankind would “eat from the tree of knowledge of opposites”. This is a metaphor meaning to study the sciences and the material world, i.e. the RELATIVE world. This is what the Genesis story means, the world of spiritual development of Mankind ended, and an opposite direction of material development was taken. The “serpent” in the story is the constellation Draco (the dragon/Serpent) marks the time of this event.

See the “Serpent” here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Precession_N.gif

The long green line that wraps around the center red dot and ends in a triangle shape at -10,000 is Draco. -10,000 + 2014 = 12,014 yrs. ago.

12,000 years have passed since spiritual Mankind and the world based on the understanding of Oneness ended and the world changed direction toward material and scientific development. These changes occur naturally according the Great Cycle (Precession of the Equinoxes). It is almost time again for our direction to return to spiritual development, to return to the Garden. In order for mankind to move in the direction of the Garden, a spiritual world, we need to graduate from all that divides and separates.

Powerful forces in the world today are seeking further division and hate between people. Much of this is done in the name of religion.
Always remember that real spirituality is about Oneness, with the Earth, Nature, and all our brothers and sisters. We are ALL the children of the Kingdom.
-Zato Gibson


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