The Real Truth About Life and Health

Here is the real truth, free of cost or BS:
[Note: the following may sound like religion, but I promise you it’s the truth.*]

Everything is ONE. The Universe / “God” wants us all to see this truth
with our own eyes. The Universe wants us all to live in perfect harmony
with the “Laws” that govern creation. Wants us to experience Oneness,
to know that we are all the Children of the Kingdom, that we came from
the infinite world, and that we will return. The Universe wants us all to
have the largest possible view of life. To remember that our origin is
infinity, to remember that Everything is One, and that we are God/infinity,
transformed into mankind, and temporarily enjoying human life here on earth.

To really enjoy this human life, you must be healthy. To be healthy, you
must eat proper NATURAL human food. If you are eating industrial food,
you will become sick. If you eat animal food in quantities greater than 20%
you will become sick. If you regularly eat sugar, you will become sick.
If you regularly take drugs, or Alcohol, you will become sick.

The word “meal” means cooked grains. Proper human food is mainly grains
and vegetables. Eat these, in moderate quantities, and you will become
free of all disease. It may take many years to reverse a lifetime of
chemical/industrial food, but you WILL become healthy and happy.
The Universe is on your side. It wants you to become the highest.
It is always trying to guide you to wisdom/enlightenment.
Always whispering in your ear if you stray off course. Learn to listen.
Eat proper human food and you will regain intuition and become happy.

Genesis 1-29: And God said, ‘Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.
-Zato 2012

* There is NO difference between science and religion. Everything is One.

Everything is one

The world we live in used to be the “Garden of Eden”. The “Garden of Eden” was an enlightened world. Everyone experienced Oneness/enlightenment. That world of Oneness came to an end, as all things do. A new and opposite direction for mankind followed. It was a world of “two-ness”. A world of “separateness”. A world of division, analysis, science. In the Bible, this new world was a world where mankind would “eat from the tree of knowledge of opposites”. This is a metaphor meaning to study the sciences and the material world, i.e. the relative world. This is what the Genesis story means, the world of spiritual development of Mankind ended, and an opposite direction of material development was taken. The “serpent” in the story is the constellation Draco (the dragon/Serpent) marks the time of this event.

See the “Serpent” here:

The long green line that wraps around the center red dot and ends in a triangle shape at -10,000 is Draco. -10,000 + 2014 = 12,014 yrs. ago.

12,000 years have passed since spiritual Mankind and the world based on the understanding of Oneness ended and the world changed direction toward material and scientific development. These changes occur naturally according the Great Cycle (Precession of the Equinoxes). It is almost time again for our direction to return to spiritual development, to return to the Garden. In order for mankind to move in the direction of the Garden, a spiritual world, we need to graduate from all that divides and separates.

Powerful forces in the world today are seeking further division and hate between people. Much of this is done in the name of religion.
Always remember that real spirituality is about Oneness, with the Earth, Nature, and all our brothers and sisters. We are ALL the children of the Kingdom.